TV Dinner Fried Chicken Slime Kit


SKU: 653466242141

TEXTURE: Cloud/Clear/Thick/Slay
SCENT: Savory [Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Can Corn] OR Sweet [Chocolate, Pineapple, Coconut Pear]
SIZE: 6 oz Mashed Potatoes slime, 6 oz Gravy slime, 3.5 oz Can Corn slime plus 2 pieces of Clay Chicken

What’s more Retro than a TV Dinner? Our TV Dinner comes with your choice of a savory or sweet scent. In addition to the 3 different slime textures, you get two sprinkle packs plus a Firmasof™ butter, and foil assembly tray.

Retro Retrospect

In 1953, Swanson overestimated how many frozen turkeys would sell on Thanksgiving. They had 260 tons worth of leftover frozen turkeys stored on 10 refrigerated railroad cars that traveled back and forth from Omaha, NE, to the east coast for months. Swanson’s executives needed ideas on how to use the frozen turkeys. Gerry Thomas, a salesman, claims credit for the concept of Swanson’s frozen tv dinners. Thomas visited an airline’s kitchen, where he saw aluminum trays with sections for different food. His innovative idea was to use similar aluminum trays with compartments to prevent the food from mixing as it thawed and heated. He also suggested linking the dinners to the nation’s new favorite pastime, watching television. Swanson Company turned what could have been a financial disaster into one of their biggest selling products.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

  1. (verified owner)

    I am OBSESSED with the TV dinner slime. It is absolutely perfect, every detail is thoroughly thoughtful and spot on. The box is adorable, I appreciate how much thought and effort that is put into this slime kit which is head and shoulders above any other company out there.. It is so cute and well thought out I almost wanted to keep it as is as a collectors item to show off to others, but what is the fun in that?
    I got the sweet scent which smells great. I love this kit so much I will probably purchase the savory as well.
    The corn nibblets were the first slime I got out and played with… this was fun! The textures and the great pops plus the generous add ins of little ears of 🌽 corn and sprinkles made for lots of fun. I forced myself to put It down so I could try another part of the kit. I moved on to the mashed potatoes which were so fluffy and fun and has a pat of butter charm. 🧈. The brown gravy is so fun and just as delightful as the others. I am saving the chicken for another day because I don’t want to ruin it yet. I am sure the clay pieces of chicken when added to the brown gravy will be fabulous.
    I could play with RSC slimes ALL DAY!
    Thanks for making something fun and thoughtful for kids and “adults” alike!.♡

  2. Stephanie Gambino (verified owner)

    The fried chicken TV dinner is so awesome. The price is reasonable for the amount of product in this kit. The slime is a great texture. The smell is spot on. Very strong scent. Smells like mashed potatoes and gravy for sure. My 11 year old daughter loved playing with it. The pictures came out awesome, wish we could post them on this review.

  3. kierstin davis (verified owner)


    Got the ‘savory’ scent, and it’s all very close at least. The roommates all agree the potatoes smell like popcorn- but that’s not exactly a bad thing! The chicken is more clay than slime, extra thick texture that’s very different from the other day clay I purchased. The corn smells like corn.

    Unfortunately the airtight containers that come with this kit are WAAAAY too small and I had to get extra containers for the chicken and corn. Four jars later and it’s properly contained lol.

    Please add an option to pay more and get big enough containers for the final product!!!!!

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