Beauty School Dropout


SKU: 653466240208

TEXTURE: Clear foam
SCENT: Sweet Pea Vanilla

“Beauty School Dropout” is a song from the musical Grease.  In the musical, the song is the showcase piece of the Teen Angel, a phantom teen idol who makes his only appearance in the musical to sing the song.  The Teen Angel is Frenchy’s guardian angel, and script notes specifically identify him as a Fabian look-alike, dressed in all-white.  The Teen Angel appears to Frenchy, who has recently dropped out of beauty school out of frustration with her teachers, asks for a guardian angel in the mold of those seen in Debbie Reynolds movies.

Go back to high school with this nifty clear pink slime filled with cut-up pink mini curlers.  The smell of sweet pea vanilla will make you want to cut a rug!

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

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