Pink Ladies Lemonade Jelly Cube Slime


SKU: 00810127951396

TEXTURE: Jelly Cube
SCENT: Pink Lemonade
SIZE: 8 oz of Slime
Themed Sprinkles & Ice Cube Charms

Pink Ladies Lemonade is a Jelly Cube Slime with a refreshing pink lemonade scent.  This slime’s inspiration comes from the 1978 movie Grease.  Grease has to be one of the most iconic movies of all time.  Who wouldn’t want to be part of the Pink Ladies or a member of the T-Birds and drive Greased Lightnin’?

RETRO Retrospect

The musical romantic comedy film Grease hit theaters in 1978.  The adventure of 1950s high school students’ antics, romance, and dealing with the future is always a good plot.  The producers excelled with Grease.  In addition, the comedy’s great dancing, retro costumes, and fantastic music drew in the older crowd for nostalgia and the younger crowd for a fun time. The attitude of the Pink Ladies made everyone want to be in the girl gang.

In Grease, the Pink Ladies is the girl gang that wears beautiful silken pink jackets.  So, to become a member and earn a pink jacket, you must follow the rules.  The Pink Ladies have many rules, and the first one is to obey the Pink Lady Pledge.  In the film, the Pledge states that a Pink Lady must act cool, look cool and be cool at all times.  In addition, “Til” death do us part, think Pink! is also a part of The Pledge.

The Pledge is important to the Pink Ladies and Retro Slime Company.  Thus, we created a slime that follows the Pink Ladies’ pledge.   Pink Ladies Lemonade Slime acts cool, looks cool, is cool, and is all about pink!

Join a Grease gang today and be cool with Pink Ladies Lemonade Jelly Cube Slime.  The jelly cubes in this clear slime cause wonderful pops. There isn’t a better scent for this slime than the scent of pink lemonade.  And as the pledge demands, “Think Pink” perfectly describes the beautiful pink color of this jelly cube slime.  When Rizzo says,’ “Ok girls, let’s go get em!”, she must talking about Pink Ladies Lemonade Jelly Cube Slime from our Grease Slime Series.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

  1. kierstin davis (verified owner)

    This took me a while to get into- it was more sticky than other jelly cube slimes I’ve had and it took a lot of activator to get it playable. But after crushing the cubes I really love the texture!

  2. mia_28 (verified owner)

    Really nice Pink Lemonade scent and very realistic. The jelly cubes were so fun to squish (They were a little big but I don’t mind)! Was a little tacky when I played with it but no big deal since the package came with activator. Overall, I enjoyed playing with this slime!

  3. (verified owner)

    Bought this slime for my sister and she enjoyed it besides the smell. Was also tacky when received but was no big deal.

  4. Charlielovesslime (verified owner)

    The texture and smell of this Pink Lady slime is wonderful. The big chunks are great to work in as you play with the slime. The color is perfect and it holds its texture. My grand daughter loves Retro Slime Company 😀

  5. Stephanie Stonecipher (verified owner)

    I love the smell and the jelly cubes. Amazing pops!

  6. Kieri (verified owner)

    Arrived a tad sticky, but the package came with activator, so after sitting for a couple days it will be perfect to play with! The slime was very clicky and had amazing bubble pops from the jelly cubes. It smells amazing and the packaging was impeccable!

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